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Kim Harris Baerveldt Professional Portfolio

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Professional Goals and Objectives:
  • To sucessfully apply my Occupational Therapy related skills, so as to benefit the community that I live in.
  • To better the lives of other people.
  • To live up to my full professional potential.

Skill Competencies

Assessment Skills
  • Group MMT
  • Specific MMT
  • AROM and PROM measurement
  • Muscle Tone Testing
  • Posture and Gait
  • Oral motor and facial expression
  • Vital Sign monitoring
  • Fitness and endurance
  • Strength: grip, pinch and lifting 
  • Reflex testing
  • Coordination Assessments
  • ---> Finger to Nose Test
  • ---> Alt. Finger to Nose Test
  • ---> Finger to Finger Test
  • ---> Pronation/Supination Test
  • ---> Finger Opposition Test
  • Assessment of Grasp patterns 
  • Dexterity Assessments
  • Assessment of vision
  • Assessment of pain and sensation

Novice Assessment Skills

  • Beck Depression Inventory
  • Personal Test for Industry - Oral Directions Test
  • Sickness Impact Profile
  • Denver Developmental Screening Tool
  • Occupational Performance History Interview OPHI-II
  • Comprehension Occupational Therapy Evaluation COTE
  • Interaction with Disabled Persons Scale
  • SF-36
  • Reintegration to Normal Living Index RNL 
  • Functional Independence Measure FIM / WeeFIM
  • Functional Assessment Measure FAM (Located in FIM) 
  • Klein-Bell ADL
  • Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory PEDI
  • Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills KELS
  • Bayley Scales of Infant Development
  • Bruininks Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency
  • First Steps - Miller Assessment for Preschoolers
  • Miller Assessment of Preschoolers
  • Peabody Developmental Motor Scales
  • Children's Handwriting Evaluation Scale CHES and CHES-M
  • Adaptive Behavior Scales ABS
  • Jacobs Preventional Assessment
  • School Function Assessment
  • Leisure Diagnostic Battery
  • Becker Work Adjustment Profile
  • Self Directed Search SDS
  • Career Assessment Inventory
  • Spinal Function Sort
  • Hand Function Sort
  • Work Environment Scale
  • Behavioral Assessment of  Disexecutive Syndrome (BADS)
  • Tennessee Self Concept Scale
  • Parenting Stress Index
  • Functional Behavioral Profile
  • Family Environment Scale FES
  • Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment HOME
  • Family Inventory of Life Events and Changes FILE
  • Family Inventory of Resources for Management FIRM
  • Coping Heath Inventory for Parents CHIP
  • EFPT
  • MEAP
  • Activity Card Sort ACS
  • Kitchen task Assessment KTA
  • Action Research Arm Test
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation


Intermediate Assessment Skills
  • Intermediate experience in Interview skills with children and their parents
  • COPM
  • Adolescent Acitivity Card Sort
  • Short Blessed
  • PedsQL

Intervention Skills
  • Novice skills in treatment planning, implementation and discharge planning in neonatal, pediatrics, adults and older adults 
  • ---> Novice applied skills and intervention skills in the domains of cognition, motor control, psychosocial, self care (ADL), physiological/sensory and biological 
  • ---> Chart Review
  • ---> Goal Writing
  • ---> Notes, initial, progress and discharge
  • ---> Writing Treatment Principles
  • Novice skills in program plan development
  • Novice skills in infant massage
  • Novice skills in Sensory Integration treatment approaches
  • Novice skills in feeding interventions and school based interventions
  • Novice skills in community mental health interventions
  • Novice skills in 'return to work' interventions
  • Novice skills in interventions with adults experiencing low vision, driving and transportation issues, and neglect and abuse


Computer Skills

  1. Course Aug-Dec 2003 :  Professional Use Of Computer Technology: 
  • Excel  
  • Word
  • Power Point
  • Designing Website
  • Lotus Notes
  1. Applied Clinical Research 2 Course: Fall 2004
  • Novice skill in using SPSS


Management Skills
*  Graduate Class:
  • Management in a Changing Practice Environment

Research Skills
*  Undergraduate Psychology Courses:
  • Research Methods In Child and Adolescent Development
  • Research Methods In Sensation and Speech

*  Graduate Class:

  • Research Methods in Occupational Therapy
  • On a research team doing a study looking at the Late Effects of Childhood Cancer on Childhood Cancer Survivors

Program Planning
  • Novice skills in program plan development

Role Competencies
  • Teaching Role
  • Group Role
  • Leadership Role


Community Service

Professional Development Activities Grid and Supporting Documentation/Continuing Education

  1. Professional Competence Documents
  • Self-Evaluation - All satisfactory except for three 
  • Peer-Evaluation - All satisfactory except for three
  • Fieldwork I Supervisor Evaulation - All Satisfactory

     Professional Developmental Goals:

1.      Be more of an active learner.  When I have the time, don’t just do what is expected of me but go beyond so as to broaden my horizons.  Spend at least an hour a week, tackling a learning issue I have or on professional development.

2.      Work on managing stressors with a positive attitude, and maintaining a positive attitude in all I do, by always looking for the positive in situations and not dwelling on the negative.  Take two hours at least twice a week to do something relaxing. 

3.      Also, work on demonstrating assertive communication skills by working on not being so shy when in large groups.

4.      I will continue to broaden my knowledge in OT by reading and processing at least one article from AJOT every 2 weeks this semester.

5.  Also, participate in at least one volunteer experience a month.  To make time and take the initiative to get out into community and do volunteer work related to my field, thus gaining knowledge as well as valuable experience. 

     2.   Attendance at Program Seminars

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pediatrics What Occupational Therapists Should Know.  20th October 2003, C. Robert Almli, PhD. 
  • Measurement Model For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.  17th November 2003, Patti LaVesser, PhD.
  • Cognition And The Environment.  25th February 2004, Tracy Morrison, OTD.
  •  Disability Related Initiative Coordinated by the Office on Disability at the US Department of Health and Services.  31st March 2004, David B. Gray, PhD.
  • Cognitive Remediation in Children With Stroke.  26th April 2004, Dr. Allison King, MD. MPH.
  • Quality of Care and People with Disabilities.  26th September 2004, Dr. Lisa Iezzoni.
  • A Day in the Life of a School-Based OT.  28th September 2004, Mary Hackworth, OTR and Patti LaVesser, PhD, OTR.
  •  Assessing Multiple Tasks.  8th November 2004, Tracy Morrison, OTD.
  •  Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy:  Functional Impairments for Children with a History of Cancer.  22nd November 2004, Amy Carol Downes, OTD.
  •  Cognitive Assessment of Children.  1st February 2005, Dr. Noomi Katz, PhD, OTR.
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Occupational Therapy and What Services are Covered.  14th March 2005, Barbara J. Cotterman.
  • CDC Prevention Initiatives and Occupational Therapy.  11th April 2005, Donald Lollar, PhD, Center for Disease Control.
  • The Human Need to Communicate:  Disability Policy and Information, Communication Systems/Technology.  18th April 2005, Katherine Seelman, PhD, University of Pittsburgh.

    3.   Attendance at Medical School Grand Rounds 
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds, St. Louis Childrens Hospital -19th September 2003.  Beyond Mortality:  Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children with Complex CHD  -  Gill Wernovsky, MD.
  •  Neurology Grand Rounds, Occupational Therapy Auditorium - 20th February 2004.  Ischemia vs. Metabolic Impairement Following Brain Injury - Dr. Laura C. Dugan, M.D./ Dept. Neurology. 
  • Neurology Grand Rounds, Occupational Therapy Auditorium 16th April 2004.  Evidence Based Treatment of Acquired Aphasia Robert Fucetola PhD, Neuropsychologist / Dept. Neurology.
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds, Eric P. Newman Building - Ethnic Auditorium, 15th October 2004.  Neutropnenia Syndromes and Phagocyte Disorders.  Dr. Larry Boxer, University of Michigan, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Department.
  • Nursing Grand Rounds attended.  Nursing Grand Rounds, Saint Louis Children’s Hospital-One Children’s Place – 23rd March 2005.  Ethical, Cultural, and Spiritual Conflicts:  Family and Staff Support A Neonatal Case Study.  Johanna Schloeman, RNC, NNP, APRN, BC, PNP, and Amy Stutts, PhD, RNC, NNP, PNP. 

     4.   E-mail Mentor Contacts (Fall 2003)
I have conversed with my mentor, Heather Miller, throughout the semester and have attached copies of the e-mails in my paper portfolio.

     5.  Attend Educational Meetings/Seminars
  • Written by Carolyn Iliano, OT/L, CHT.  Presented by Jo Koludrovich, OT/L, CHT, and Anne Baldwin, OTR/L, CHT, CLT-LANA.  Wound Management.  Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 28th October 2003.


     6.  State OT Association Membership
          MOTA member since 10th December 2003, # 03-356
     7.  AOTA Membership
         Member since 18th November 2004, # 000004264321

Advisor Review and Comments